Copa America 2007, Riquelme turns to the ref in towering disgust at the Colombian players’ inability to get the ball off him: “Stick the boot in, I love it”

A Paddy who’s been living in Argentina for the last ten years or so, who when not suffering repeated humiliations at the hands of Henry or the cat, likes to hold forth on the excruciating minutiae of Argieball from his floating fortress off Mar del Plata. Pegamequemegusta likes good, funny books and cares far too much about football. And yet, despite a pallor that provokes concern and suspicion by turn on the salt-cracked streets of the city, we do indeed go outside from time to time.

Pegamequemegusta was born in March 2010 as a fully grown man (yet nonetheless crippled with nervous tics and issues that stem from a childhood that never was). The name comes from a headline during the Copa América in Venezuela in 2007 when the majestic Juan Román Riquelme was repeatedly booted by Colombians unable to get the ball off him: ‘Stick the boot in, I love it.’ Such tremendous arrogance, needless to say, struck a chord with the then but-gestating cells that would become pegamequemegusta. We invite you, dear handsome reader, heavily-tatooed and menacing though you may be, to do the same.

We hope the page is easy to use: at the bottom of each page you can find the archives, which include an extensive, spittle-beflecked, loving embrace with World Cup 2010, if like us you still can’t stop thinking about it. Checho’s moaning, lurching b-movie at the Copa América also received our wordy, long-winded yet hopefully compelling treatment; while there are posts a-plenty dedicated to Messi, Maradona and the various Carlitos Tevez sagas, including translated interviews with all three. (All translations are my work). The Bigmouths section gathers together a couple of polemics and tries to shed some light on some aspects of Argentine life and culture. Finally, there are some translations we done of short stories we’re fond of, and some other nonsense pieces.

You can sign up on the top right hand side of every page to receive new posts (nothing more) by email, or you can follow pegamequemegusta on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Pegáme, que me gusta.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there…great blog. I’ve recently moved to Mar del Plata, last Oct. If you’d like to go for a pint & talk footy, watch some games email me.



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