Bielsa on the earthquake in Chile

They don’t call him El Loco for nothing. Marcelo Bielsa had this to say about the earthquake in Chile:

“Anguish comes from being utterly powerless.  In this house of reinforced concrete where I live, next to the river, the only thing that moves, that trembles, is a sense of foreboding, caused by impatience.

“Daybreak, dreams, black velvet were torn apart and vanished plummeting into the abyss, and then there were sirens that screamed like asteroids giving birth, squawking sea birds carrying the depths of the sea in their prophecies, howls frightening not for their savagery but because they were all too human.

“On the eleventh floor time is short. I moved fast, disinterestedly. Something told me I had to make it to the stairs and I would only have one chance.

“I felt sick, nauseous as if i’d been drinking some cheap spirits. I couldn’t walk and I wasn’t sure if it was because I couldn’t or if, on some level, I didn’t want to.

“I wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, I was doing things mechanically, almost as if I didn’t care. […] At that moment it felt like a cheap montage from some B movie – but it wasn’t a montage and it wasn’t a B movie.”

It was in Clarín, the biggest-selling daily in Argentina, apparently by way of letting people know he was okay. However, its authenticity was then questioned as no-one could find the article in any Chilean paper, where it had supposedly been published first. It was also pointed out that Bielsa does not live on the 11th floor…  So Clarín took it back down. My rough translation there is of the only snippets circulating on the net.


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